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<span>Your Home is Important, Make Sure It&#8217;s Protected&#8230;</span>

Your Home is Important, Make Sure It’s Protected…

What would happen if disaster struck your home tomorrow?  Are you confident that you’re covered for a total loss, alternative housing, or replacement of your belongings?

<span>All Home Insurance is Not Created Equal...</span>

All Home Insurance is Not Created Equal...

If you have a mortgage you’re required to carry home insurance.  However, meeting your lender’s requirements and meeting your coverage needs can be two completely different things.

<h2><span>The JPS Difference&#8230;</span></h2><br/>

The JPS Difference…

There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all policy when it comes to home insurance.  At JPS you will work with a licensed agent that will take the time to help design a customized policy to fit your needs:  

Do you have a finished basement?  You may need increased limits for sewer and water back up coverage.

Do you have a pool?  Hot tub? Trampoline? Let’s make sure you have enough personal liability coverage just in case an unexpected accident occurs.  

Do you have a dog?  Does it bite?!  Yes, we can make sure to provide protection for you man’s best friend gets a little feisty with the neighbor.

Custom kitchen? Imported tile in the bathroom? Wine cellar? Media room? No problem finding the right coverage for the coolest features of your humble abode.

Jewelry? Artwork? Collectibles/Memorabilia?  We’ll talk about the things that most agents have never asked you.

We could go on but you get the picture…  

We really care about coverage!!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my home underinsured due to increased construction costs/inflation?

There is a potential that your home could be underinsured and it is worth having an insurance expert run a replacement cost estimator to see if your home is insured to value.

Does my home insurance policy include coverage for my personal liability?

In most cases, yes. For instance, if you are at the park walking your dog and it happens to bite someone, it is likely that your home policy will provide protection for your personal liability. Call us to review your home policy today!

Are my contents covered for replacement cost?

If you have a large piece of furniture that is ten years old and needs to be replaced, and your home policy has the proper coverage, you could potentially be able to replace that old piece of furniture even if a new item costs more than the actual value of the damaged item. Contact our team for more information!

What does a standard homeowners insurance policy cover?

Most homeowners policies provide coverage to repair or even replace your home and its contents in the events of a disaster that results in damage or total loss. The damage may result from a fire, smoke, theft, or damage caused by harsh weather. 

Do I need flood insurance for my home in Michigan?

While flood insurance is not required by law in Michigan, if your home happens to be located in an area with a moderate to high risk of flooding, a customized flood policy may save you from catastrophic financial loss.